10 Great Ways To Reuse Around the Home

Brooke Summerville is an Australian Nappy Association supporter member and is the mother of two little ones. Brooke writes an informative blog about creative sustainability. If you’re after an eco-parenting hit, based on real life advice and experience, we highly recommend visiting Eco Parents Australia


For many expecting parents, researching baby products can be quite an experience. Perhaps a mix of feelings – overwhelm, confusion, excitement? One thing is for sure, it opens up a world of products you had previously known nothing or little about.

For those with a green heart, the process can trigger an evaluation of their own consumerism habits and an enthusiasm to simplify. Nappies are traditionally considered an essential item for a baby. Choosing cloth nappies has many benefits including saving money, reducing waste and then there are the health benefits.

Great news – these benefits apply to other reusable products too.

Making the decision to use cloth nappies might take a heap of convincing for some people, where facts, figures, reviews and opinions all count. For others the only unknown is what day the baby will arrive for the cloth journey to begin. Once you’ve made the decision to use cloth nappies you will probably consider if there are other reusable alternatives that may suit your family.

Making the switch to reusable products can be tackled in baby steps.

First, begin by exploring baby products if you’ve already started with cloth nappies. Then set a goal to switch to other reusable alternatives. Invest in these reusable alternatives, then scratch the single use products from your shopping list for good.

There are countless reusable alternatives to almost every disposable or single use product you can think of.

Here are ten you can start with.


Switch list – 10 reusable products

  • Cloth nursing pads
  • Cloth wipes
  • Cloth nappy liners
  • Mumma cloth (menstrual pads)
  • Menstrual cup
  • Baking mat
  • Food covers
  • Cloth napkins
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Stainless steel water bottle