If you want to touch and feel a cloth nappy before purchase, here are 3 ways to do that all year round.

If you want to touch and feel a cloth nappy before purchase, here are 3 ways to do that all year round.


1. Attend a cloth nappy information workshop

A cloth nappy information session or demonstration is open for all parents to attend. At a session you will have the opportunity to have a hands-on experience with each style of nappy with a doll provided for nappy changes. You can chat to those who have experience.  Jackie de la Motte from Lulu and Jess in Hobart, is one of many cloth nappy business that holds information sessions.  Jackie says, “Our aim is for you to leave a session feeling confident in using cloth. Both experienced and non-experienced cloth nappy users are welcome to attend; this ensures that you feel comfortable asking the simplest questions.” Many cloth nappy retailers will charge a small fee for this wonderful service. A small, worthwhile investment to start your cloth nappy journey on the right foot.


Hint: do an online search for “cloth nappy workshop” to find one near you! 


2. Host a cloth nappy party

Host a cloth nappy party at your house!  Some cloth nappy retailers will advertise this service on their website, others you may need to ask! There can be cost benefits for you as a host and it’s a really fun way to get parents together and to help spread the word about cloth nappies. Janine Garvey from Ninky Bear in Victoria is one of many companies willing to do this. Janine’s premise is to “help parents make the right choices when it comes to finding the right cloth nappy for their child. This is really important for cloth nappy success.”


Hint: Put “cloth nappy party” followed by your location, in your search engine.


3. Use a cloth nappy library

A modern cloth nappy (MCN) library gives parents and caregivers the opportunity to trial MCNs and to learn what nappies are best for their family. When they think about cloth nappies, some people still imagine there is only one style. The wonderful terry towelling flats do not suit everyone and parents have a right to know how wide and varied are the nappy choices that exist today.

Three important features of a good nappy library include:

• Variety of nappy brands, styles, fabrics and sizes

• Both styles of closure snaps and Velcro

• Professionally laundered and sanitised nappies (Australian Laundry Standard AS/NZS 4146)  

Some parent groups are operating well-intentioned libraries without following washing standards. Carly Earl from the Sustainable Parenting Association in Queensland says, “It is important to use a professionally laundered and sanitised cloth nappy library service to protect your baby’s health. Body fluids can potentially transmit disease, so only professional laundering at the requisite heat with approved products will ensure a sanitised and safe service for your child. Ask your library provider if they meet Australian Laundry Standard AS/NZS 4146.”


Hint: Most nappy library services will post Australia-wide, so the key is to find one that meets your needs. Check your options against the 3 important features listed above.


Looking for a cloth nappy event near you? Be sure to check the Events page for all the latest!