4 Budget Cloth Nappy Options to Help You Save

This week’s guest blog comes from ANA Founding Member, Eva Van Strijp of Seedling Baby.


If your budget restricts you from investing in the cloth nappy stash you want, why not start with some budget options? Each time you use one of these options instead of a disposable nappy, pop the money saved into a jar.

When you have enough, perhaps you could treat yourself to that fancy cloth nappy you’ve been eyeing off!

All of the following options require a little more imagination than a done-for-you modern cloth nappy, but they are all completely workable and could save your family thousands of dollars during the course of your child’s time in nappies.



1. Budget Boosters

If you have a stash of cloth nappies and just need to up the absorbency but money is tight, don’t stress!

Face washers make fantastic boosters.

Simply fold them in thirds and lay inside your nappy for extra absorbency. If you prefer a moisture barrier between the absorbent layers and your baby’s skin, simply pop a fleece liner over the top.



2. Liners that Keep Giving Back

If you don’t have the funds to continue forking out for disposable liners over time, you might like to consider microfleece or polarfleece liners.

These work really well as a moisture barrier and can help to prevent staining on your nappy.

They are also super easy to create at home. You can cut up an old fleece pyjama top into 5 x 12 inch strips or purchase half a metre from your local fabric store. Fleece doesn’t need to be hemmed.

If you need to use nappy rash cream, it is strongly recommended that you use a liner to prevent the cream from coating the fibres of your nappy.



3. No-Sew Budget Cloth Nappy Options

This video shares two ways to cloth nappy WITHOUT cloth nappies and without having to whip something up on a sewing machine!



4. Fabulous Flats

Good old-fashioned flat cloth nappies (or terry squares, as they are sometimes called) are among the cheapest, most versatile nappy options on the market.

You do need to purchase other products in order use them properly (snappi or pins and nappy covers) but they are significantly cheaper than modern cloth nappy options and will serve your family long after your children out of nappies.

Flats make a solid nappy stash if you like to do things with simplicity, and are a great topper for any stash. I would recommend at least six in every baby’s stash. They are the fastest-drying nappy option and if you decide to move on from them to a more modern alternative, they can be used as burp cloths, toilet training helpers or clean-up rags.


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Eva Van Strijp is a mother of six, founding member of the Australian Nappy Association and creator of Seedling Baby. When Eva isn’t hanging out with her family or running a business, she’s eating chocolate, listening to podcasts or tending her veggie patch.

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