Does anyone actually use cloth nappies anymore?

Thousands of families use cloth nappies. Some do cloth full time, some part time. Either way, you won’t be going it alone!

Do you have to touch poo?!

Ewwww! No! There’s no getting away from “number 2s” when you have a baby (whether you use reusable or disposable).

But I won’t have time!

It only takes 10 minutes a day more to use cloth nappies instead of disposables. Disposables are convenient. But you still have to drive to the shops, load your trolley and car (baby in tow), unload your car AND empty the rubbish bin daily. Cloth is as simple as: flush, rinse, wash, dry, REUSE!

Disposables are only 50 cents each

True! But you need to buy 6000 of them! You only need to buy 24 cloth nappies for the same number of nappy changes.   24 cloth nappies x $30 each = $720 6000 disposables x .50 each = $3000

How much will it cost when I add the detergent, water and electricity?

Surprisingly it only costs $200 to wash cloth nappies for two years.*

*Depending on your machine. Does not include wear and tear.

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