Today’s post comes from Erin of RawR cloth nappies. Thanks, Erin!

Before I go any further, please let me preface this so there is no confusion. This post is only meant to have a light dig at some of the nonsensical reasons people give for not even considering cloth nappies as an option, or things that family, friends or even strangers take upon themselves to comment about using cloth nappies! – Erin

So, if you’re still with me… lets do this! Using Cloth Nappies, 7 Reasons you should definitely NOT EVEN consider going there:

1. You don’t have any particular connection to Planet Earth and don’t see the point in looking after it.

2. You believe that landfill is the way of the future.

3. You wear paper undies every day and find them delightfully comfortable, and that’s what you want for your child(ren) too.

4. You believe that using single use nappies spares you ever having to see, smell or touch your own infant’s poo – disposables are magic like that, aren’t they?!

5. You love the disposable lifestyle and believe that we should all move toward single use plates, bowls and cutlery for all meals, including snacks.

6. You avoid trying new, or ‘different’ things and would rather conform cause, well, quite simply… that sort of attitude is for hippies and weirdos.

7. You just don’t like pretty things. And lets face it, modern cloth is way too cute!

So, if you can relate to all (or even one!) of these reasons, then definitely don’t consider using cloth nappies – not to mention that extra load in the washing machine every 2-3 days is far too much work. Don’t do it!