Today’s post is from Jenny Day of Baby Bare.

An All in two nappy allows the absorbency to be removed from the waterproof cover. Generally, inserts can snap, velcro or lay into a cover to create a waterproof cloth nappy. All in two nappies are extremely popular due to the options they give parents. Some parents like to buy double the number of inserts and re-use unsoiled covers to reduce washing and make cloth nappying more economical. Alternatively, as the covers generally dry quickly, dry covers can be used with spare clean inserts while wet inserts are drying.

The ability to remove the inserts also allows the absorbency to be changed to the needs of the child. A carer can choose to use microfibre or bamboo inserts in the same cover depending on what they need. For example, in winter they may choose to have microfibre inserts as they are faster drying. In

summer they may choose to use bamboo when drying nappies is easier.

The inserts in this Baby Bare AI2 snap in and out of the cover.


  • Covers can be reused to reduce the number needed and make cloth nappying more affordable.
  • Damaged pieces can be replaced without needing to buy a whole new nappy.
  • Absorbency can be better adjusted by using the most appropriate inserts.
  • Generally faster drying than an AIO or a fitted nappy.


  • The nappy needs to be assembled prior to use
  • The nappy needs to be pulled apart prior to washing.
  • Users unfamiliar with cloth nappies can become confused with the pieces especially if they are not pre-assembled.

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Jenny is the owner of Baby Bare Cloth Nappies, an Australian cloth nappy manufacturer. She started the business in 2012 to provide a quality and affordable Australian nappy brand. Jenny loves designing new products that solve problems for Australian parents who want reusable baby products. The Baby Bare range has been built on this love.

Jenny is a mother of two girls, who you will frequently see in the Baby Bare product pictures. She has loved being able to grow her business working from home to spend more time with her family.