Today’s post is by Jenny Day from Baby Bare.

The All in One (often abbreviated to AIO) is the easiest cloth nappy to use. Most like a disposable, it comes as one piece with no need for stuffing, snapping or adding a cover. Generally, an all in one is all sewn together as one piece with both waterproofing and absorbency built in.

There are many All in Ones on the market with different features. They may come in Velcro or Snap closures. They may be made from quick-drying materials to ensure they dry faster or super absorbent natural fabrics (or a mix of both). A range of absorbency options includes bamboo, microfibre and cotton.

The insert in this nappy is sewn in, but folds out for faster drying time. The nappy is all one piece and no part can be removed.

Benefits of the All in One:

  • Very Easy to use.
  • No assembly, simply wash, dry and use.
  • No confusion over which bits to use. These can be ideal for babysitters or grandparents who are not used to using cloth nappies as they cannot forget to put bits into the nappy.


  • As you cannot pull pieces apart, they can take longer to dry then AI2 nappies.
  • You can not re-use parts of the nappy (for example the waterproofing with new clean inserts)
  • If part of the nappy is damaged you cannot replace the piece and reuse other parts of the nappy.
  • Can be more expensive as you cannot purchase extra inserts to use with a cover. You need to purchase each nappy in full.

The all in one is a popular option for daycare and many parents with multiple children choose this style due to the convenience and time saved with no assembly.

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Jenny is the owner of Baby Bare Cloth Nappies, an Australian cloth nappy manufacturer. She started the business in 2012 to provide a quality and affordable Australian nappy brand. Jenny loves designing new products that solve problems for Australian parents who want reusable baby products. The Baby Bare range has been built on this love.

Jenny is a mother of two girls, who you will frequently see in the Baby Bare product pictures. She has loved being able to grow her business working from home to spend more time with her family.