Cloth Nappies: Is it all or nothing? @ausnappy #clothnappies #getintocloth

One of the best things about ‘clothies’ is the way you are so willing to share your experience and advice with others who might be feeling overwhelmed or not sure where to start. This generosity came across so strongly during the Cloth Shot a Day competition last October.

Thank you so much, everyone, for being great cloth nappy advocates!

From the family who was able to use the money saved by using cloth nappies to afford their first family holiday, to the mum who spent the money she saved on her daily coffee fix – so many of you mentioned how appreciated the extra money in your back pocket was. Just by using cloth!

So many of you shared advice and made other parents feel good about the decision to choose cloth – even if it was only one nappy a day that was switched to reusable.

We just want to take a moment to say the Australian Nappy Association is not in existence to browbeat or guilt anyone into using cloth nappies. Nor are we here to judge parents who choose not to use cloth nappies full time.

What we are here for is to bust a few myths, provide accurate, up to date information about cloth nappies and offer advice and support to families so they can make an informed decision about the nappies they use.

There are many thousands of families who use cloth nappies some of the time, part of the time or for a bit of time. Some use them all the time. We appreciate so much when parents share their different experiences with us and help bust the myth that using cloth nappies is an all or nothing commitment!

So share with us over on our Facebook page… do you use cloth all of the time, some of the time?

Did you start with one a day, or did you go in head first with a full stash?

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