The Australian Nappy Association (ANA) is committed to following a model of collaboration and knowledge sharing and as such welcomes varying views in relation to all aspects of cloth nappies and associated accessories. As a peak industry body it is fundamental the ANA formulates a position, following consideration of formal evidence based research, alongside collective opinion.

It is our understanding no current or past scientific research exists which shows evidence that flushing biodegradable nappy liners impact on the environment or waste management systems more significantly or negatively than other products marketed as ‘flushable’ (including baby wipes, tissues and thick ply toilet paper).

In addition, there are no Australian state or national flushability standards that exist for manufactures or retailers to test their products against. In weighing up the views of several waste management facilities and scientists across Australia it is the over riding opinion that ‘flushable’ nappy liners make up a tiny percentage of flushable waste captured in the extremely efficient “rag systems” within sewage processing facilities across Australia. This capture process ensures nappy liners are processed with environmental impact equal to disposal in household rubbish.

It is therefore our current position that Members and end consumers use personal judgment in marketing, selling and using flushable nappy liners.

The Australian Nappy Association values sustainability, reusability and minimal impact on the environment and as such strongly encourages Members to educate customers on alternatives to disposable nappy liners. In turn the Australian Nappy Association recognises flushable nappy liners make a valuable contribution to the lifestyle of many cloth nappy users.

It is important to note the views presented by Australian Nappy Association Members and Supporters on their own business blogs and social media channels are not necessarily representative of the position held by the Australian Nappy Association.