What are the benefits of resuable training pants?  

Many thanks to ANA Founding Member, Catherine Wyrostek of Darlings Downunder, for sharing with us on this subject.

Have you seen reusable training pants available online or in store and wondered if you’ll need them when your little one is toilet learning? Is it worth it – will you get use out of them?

Learn about the benefits of reusable training pants

While most people are aware of disposable ‘pull up’ nappies for toilet learning, cloth or reusable pull up style training pants can ease the transition from nappies to undies, and be an economical and useful part of toilet training.

Learn about the benefits of reusable training pantsAs parents who have gone through toilet training with their little ones will know, for some toilet aware toddlers it can be a quick fuss-free experience, while for others it’s a process that can take many months of persistence and patience.

Once we had established our little one was ready to start learning we stopped using nappies, just like that. Which was great – no more washing nappies right? Well, the problem was she took a little longer to learn to use the toilet than we expected, and she continued to have accidents, especially when we left the house. We thought it would be too confusing for a toddler to use undies some of the time and nappies the rest of the time, so we started using reusable training pants when we went out.

As an aside, can someone explain why your little one will always say they need to go to the toilet when you are in the supermarket with a trolley full of shopping, and no toilet in sight….?
Unlike many nappies, reusable training pants usually don’t have a stay dry layer. Instead, the fabrics enable the child to feel wet and start to be aware  when they have had an accident and need to go. The bonus for mums and dads who want to avoid changing clothes and mopping the floor is that most reusable training pants are not only absorbent enough to catch an accident, but also have a protective waterproof layer.

Training pants can be an ideal ‘in between’ aide when toilet training is well underway but is not fully established. Your little one can pull them up and down on their own which makes them feel part of the toilet learning process (and encourages them to use the toilet independently!) with the added benefit of being protected if an accident occurs.

Trainers also come in handy for travel and holidays, when children who are toilet training are out of their normal routine and there may not be quick access to a toilet.


Learn about the benefits of reusable training pantsReusable training pants are easy to care for. They can be washed with your nappies if you still have a child in nappies, or pre rinsed and washed with your regular laundry.

The other advantage of reusable training pants is that – unlike the many, MANY disposable pull ups you may need – you’ll only need a few training pants. Depending on how may accidents your little one has, and what stage they are at with their learning, you may require as few as 2, or if multiple accidents are happening each day, perhaps 5 or 6.

The most important thing you need for successful and stress free toilet training is patience. With reusable training pants you don’t have to worry if it takes longer than you hoped. There’s no ongoing expense of disposable pull ups, and your little one can take the time they need.
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