Can’t get that Stain out of your cloth nappy?

Many thanks to ANA Founding Member, Fiona Ward of Darlings Downunder, for sharing with us on this subject.

Have you ever discovered a dark grey/brownish ‘tide mark’ stain on your nappies or inserts? This is caused by sorbitol. it’s often called a ‘panadol stain’ but that’s not the only source.

Sorbitol stainingSorbitol occurs naturally in some foods (especially stone fruit), and is also added as a sweetener to other foods and to medications like paracetamol (hence ‘panadol stain’) and multivitamins.

Only some children who ingest sorbitol in whatever form will have stained nappies. It might have to do with how much sorbitol is involved, how each child processes the sorbitol, how concentrated the urine is, or a combination of factors.

Because the sorbitol is in the wee, using a liner will not help prevent stains. Rinsing after use may help the severity, but won’t prevent it. Sorbitol stains will not cause problems with absorbency or damage your nappies – they are fine to use.

Most sorbitol stains will eventually fade if you regularly line dry them in the sun.

Ask your nappy retailer for products that will assist in stain removal of this tough kind if it concerns you.

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