Western Australia’s City of Mandurah has taken an important step towards further reducing its environmental impact and improving the quality of life of its citizens.

In addition to the other environmental work that the City supports, Mandurah has adopted a new cloth nappy education campaign which it hopes will lower household waste, provide low-cost nappying options for families and reduce its footprint.

Mandurah Council’s Climate Change Services team have been a driving force behind the Council’s new cloth nappy education campaign.

They decided to adopt cloth nappies as a worthwhile issue in their community because it is estimated that approximately 8.2 million single-use nappies are disposed of in Mandurah each year. This amount would be equal to around 4% of the solid waste stream collected by Councils.

Additionally, Mandurah City has a high percentage of low income households, who may have never even considered cloth nappies as a way to reduce costs at home. Also considered in their process was  the huge environmental burden of disposable nappies (in terms of embodied energy, water and oil use, plus transport costs) and the overall health impact of nasty chemicals that may be present in those nappies.

The Council has one of the Australian Nappy Association’s Get Into Cloth Kits, which you’ll be able to peruse at their first cloth nappy information workshop on February 21st.

To attend the workshop, please RSVP to Environmental Services on 08 9550 3941 or email environmental.services@mandurah.wa.gov.au by 13 February 2015.

City of Mandurah Gets Into Cloth

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