The Cheeky Wipes system has taken out winning place for Best Accessory in the 2016 Cloth Nappy Awards

Soft and natural wipes system that’s great for sensitive skin, eczema or nappy rash. A hassle free, money-saving alternative to disposable wipes that delivers fresh wipes all day in just minutes.

The runner-up for Best Accessory is the Baby Bare Wet Bag.

Baby BeeHinds Magic-All is the winner of Best All-in-One. 

Magic-Alls are a one-size-fits-most nappy all-in-one style nappy. It comes in a range of options and is great for modern cloth nappy beginners, carers, day care and experienced cloth nappy users – just too easy!

The runner-up for Best All-in-One is the Baby Bare Bare Cub AIO.

Winning spot for Best All-in-Two went to Bubblebubs Candies. 

Bubblebubs Candies are one-sized all-in-two nappies, specifically designed to grow with your baby. They are made from super soft minky, laminated with PUL and with an inner layer is made from smooth soft suedecloth, which wicks moisture away from the skin.

The runner-up for Best All-in-Two is the Baby Bare Bare Cub.

Baby BeeHinds took out the Best Cover Category.

Their covers are great over Baby BeeHinds Fitted Nappies, but are also suitable for use with pre-folds, terry squares or any type of fitted nappy. They can also be used with a bamboo fold up insert in summer for a cool, quick dry option.

The runner-up for Best Cover is the Rumparooz One size nappy cover.

Bubblebubs has won the Best Customer Service category in the 2016 Cloth Nappy Awards.

Since 2004, Vicki from Bubblebubs has been designing award-winning cloth nappies for Australian parents. Inspired to save money as a SAHM, she began sewing nappies for her little girl Abbi and for her friends. Nappy by nappy, her business took off and has continued to grow over the past 13 years.

Although Vicki continues to be chief nappy designer, she is also the proud primary customer service contact for Bubblebubs, a role that she puts much time and effort into. Vicki has a tribe of loyal and happy customers that she makes herself freely available to. Her goal is to have as many bums in cloth as possible and as many of those bums in Bubblebubs! In fact, Bubblebubs is one of the only cloth nappy businesses to offer a money back guarantee. Vicki wants her customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchases and makes every effort to support families that choose cloth.

You don’t stay in business for this long unless you have great products, great customer service and most importantly great customers! Rest assured that as a customer of Bubblebubs you will be treated like royalty because quite frankly without you there is no business!” Vicki Simpson
And whether it’s in between school runs or trips to the warehouse, Vicki’s customers always receive wonderful care and attention, service they have come to expect and enjoy.
Congratulations to Vicki from Bubblebubs on winning the ANA 2016 Cloth Nappy Award for Customer Service!!

The runner-up for Best Customer Service is Apikali.

The Baby BeeHinds bamboo fitted nappy is Australia’s favourite fitted cloth nappy… and this year’s winning award proves it!

Made from custom-made super soft organic bamboo fleece, these nappies are shaped to fit your baby where it really matters.

The runner-up for Best Fitted Nappy is Bubblebubs Bamboo Delights.

100% certified organic cotton nappies from Nature’s Child have scored the Best Flat Cloth Nappy award.

The classic quality terry square nappy is making a comeback for good reason. Reusable, soft, gentle and quick drying. These nappies fit all babies!

The runner-up for Best Flat Cloth Nappy is the Imagine Birdseye Cotton Flat Nappies.

This isn’t the first award that the Bubblebubs Bambams have won!

Bambams fit every single newborn baby no matter how small or big they are. They’re even been tested on a 1.2 kg preemie! Bubblebubs are so confident in this fabulous newborn nappy that they offer a 100% money back guarantee.

The runner-up for Best Newborn Nappy is Baby BeeHinds.

The Baby BeeHinds night nappy has claimed winning spot for Best Night Nappy.

Loved by mums across the world, for medium to heavy wetters, this nappy has been designed to last the distance.

The runner-up for Best Night Nappy is SHP Sandman Night Nappy.

Baby BeeHinds Magic-All Multi-Fit Pocket Nappy has been voted Best Pocket Nappy.

Magic-Alls Multi-Fits have been designed to fit the average sized baby from birth to toilet training, and with a pocket opening, the absorbency can be adjusted to suit your child.

The runner-up for Best Pocket Nappy is the Issy Bear OSFM Pocket Nappy.

Bubblebubs Bamboo Prefolds have taken out the Best Prefold award for 2016.

The runner-up for Best Prefold is the GroVia Prefold.

The Best Reusable Swim Nappy award has gone to Cushie Tushies.

The Cushie Tushies Aqua reusable swim nappy is a unique one-size design that grows with your baby, fitting approximately 6kg to 17kg.

The runner-up for Best Reusable Swim Nappy is Baby BeeHinds.

Baby BeeHinds has won the award for Best Reusable Training Pants.

These training pants are designed to look and feel like real undies, but able to hold those little accidents, keep clothes dry AND the ability to add two levels of extra absorbency as your little one improves their toilet skills.

The runner-up for Best Reusable Training Pants are the Pop-in Training Pants by Close Ltd.

The winner for Best Skincare Product is CJ’s BUTTer.

Made from natural ingredients, the CJ’s range is perfect for babies, children, and the whole family. The range has risen to fame in the USA and Europe where parents have experienced great results using the products on nappy rash, sensitive skin, dry skin, itchy skin and eczema.

The runner-up for Best Skincare Product is Nature’s Child Bottom Balm.

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