Alice from Nappy Lane shared this report on a cloth nappy changing competition. Sounds fun!

When there was a shout out for ANA members to attend the Raising Happy Kids Expo and help run a Cloth Nappy Changing Competition, I immediately put my hand up.

Cassandra from Mitch’n’Moo also volunteered to come along from Brisbane for the expo, which was on the 26th & 27th November 2016. On the day, we also had Amelia from Bambooty, Vashti from Nest Nappies in Brisbane, and Grovia consultant and blog queen Sarah (Mrs Ladybeetle) come along. Meeting these ladies in the flesh and chatting nappies all day long was brilliant.

We had no trouble filling spots for the Cloth Nappy Changing Competition as plenty of Mums, Dads and bubs were around for the Australian Breastfeeding Project photo, and checking out the Expo.

Everyone who entered got a brand new nappy to use in the Cloth Nappy Changing Competition. All entrants got to take this nappy home with them and the four fastest changers got a prize.

Our categories and nappies used were:

  • Male Flat – Flat nappy from Nest Nappies + Baby Beehinds Velcro covers + Snappi’s from Bubblebubs

  • Female Flat – Flat nappy from Nest Nappies + Baby Beehinds Velcro covers + Snappi’s from Bubblebubs

  • Male MCN – Nappy supplied by Mitch’n’Moo Nappies

  • Female MCN – Nappy supplied by Seedling baby pocket nappies

The pile of prizes was huge and included a baby skincare pack from Nature’s Child, a $75 gift voucher from Nest Nappies, a nappy pack from Bubblebubs, and a nappy pack from Baby Beehinds.

Cassandra from Mitch’n’Moo marshalled the competition like a pro and lined all the contestants up to change babies on a long table. The contestants had to change their babies out of their existing nappy, into the new cloth nappy and hold their hand up when they were done.

My internal race calling dialogue went a little something like this:

On your marks

Get set


And the Dad’s are off, Contestant One is off to a great start whipping the nappy off his baby with some serious speed. Contestant Two looks flustered, Contestant 3 is cool as a cucumber and taking his time. Contestant Four is doing the Joey fold… he has definitely used flats before. Contestant One is still just in the lead.. but wait… Contestant Three is finishing strongly… he’s almost done up the cover… and he is holding his baby up. In a huge upset Contestant Three has pipped Contestant One at the post and is THE WINNER.

*nb*the race may not have actually happened liked this

This was a really fun event and I hope that we can do it again. Thank you to all the Mums, Dads and babies the entered the competition.

Also a big THANK YOU to all the wonderful businesses who supported the Cloth Nappy Changing Competition with nappies, prizes and time.