Cloth Nappy Super Hero Series... Now on the Blog! Everyday parents using cloth nappies and loving it.

Our latest story in the Cloth Nappy Super Hero series comes from Jo Jordan. Enjoy…

Hi! My name is Jo Jordan. My husband Tim and I live on the North West coast of Tasmania and we are proud parents of our son Max who will be 2 in October. Tim is an electrical project manager and estimator and I am a Norwex consultant and work part time at Ashgrove Tasmanian Farm store on a dairy farm.

When I fell pregnant with Max I got obsessed with finding alternatives to using wet wipes and I couldn’t stomach the idea of throwing money and rubbish away when I would be potentially disposing of up to 12 nappies a day for up to 3 years!

Research opened my eyes to a whole new world of cloth nappies. With the gorgeous prints and comparison charts about how much money can be saved by using cloth nappies, I was hooked!

We love cloth nappies for the money our family saves, the fact we are minimising our environmental footprint and of course the cuteness factor of Max running around with a minky animal print bottom!

Cloth wipes and micro fleece liners also save us time and money and spares that cute bottom from harsh chemicals.

We easily had a cute costume for a photo shoot!

We easily had a cute costume for a photo shoot!

If I must say one thing I don’t like about using cloth nappies it’s that during the long cold winter my bamboo inserts take longer to dry. We ALWAYS have a clothes airer of nappies in the lounge room, hang a load out, two days later take them off and hang out more. Whereas the sunshine of summer magically dries the inserts in one day and does wonders for smells and stains.

In the beginning we did struggle with finding a combination of products that worked for us. There are so many different types of nappies, inserts, liners, wipes and nappy safe creams and ointments to think about… it can become overwhelming.

Now that we have a system that works for us, using cloth nappies is just a normal part of life.

My husband often comments about how ugly and weird disposables look when he notices a child wearing one.

Our best tip: GO ALL IN!

If you are using cloth nappies it is far easier to use cloth wipes and liners as well. No rubbish bins required! Throw everything into a toy wheelie bin lined with a large wet bag and forget about it until wash day!

Using cloth nappies has meant that our family saves money on a weekly basis and we feel proud to be doing something to benefit the environment. I also love the sense of community that comes with using cloth. I have met some lovely people through online communities; they are full of supportive, friendly people offering advice and their experiences. I purchased quite a few second hand nappies through buy and sell sites on social media. It can be a great way to try different nappies and products at a reduced price.

Lastly I just want to say, give cloth nappies a go. Never again will you realise at 7pm that you ran out of nappies and have to race to the store before bedtime!

Thank you for involving our family in the Australian Nappy Association’s blog on cloth nappies, we love introducing people to the world of cloth nappies and hope this helps others become interested too.

Thanks again,

Tim, Jo and Max.


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