Cloth Nappy Super Hero Series... Now on the Blog! Everyday parents using cloth nappies and loving it.

Our latest story in the Cloth Nappy Super Hero series comes from Shelley Condon. Enjoy…

My name is Shelley and I’m a mum to a 5 year old, 19 month old and a little man due in November.

Our cloth journey started 5 years ago and has definitely been a journey.

Cloth was always something I’d planned to do as that’s what my mum had done and also the cost factor and the best thing for our upcoming addition.


But as we started our journey with cloth, it became a way of life. 

We started with a bulk lot of one-size-fits-most nappies – having a good friend in the nappy business really helped so I took her advice and went from there. Whilst the fit was perfect and we had no leaks we soon faced the challenges of washing the nappies for a baby who had multiple severe food allergies which caused incredibly acidic and strong ammonia urine and constant acidic gluey stools which started eating into the bamboo nappy fibres quick smart and little man had constant blisters and nappy rash.

Cloth Nappy Super Hero Series... Now on the Blog!

After much research and trial and error we found a cloth nappy safe balm that worked as a barrier and protected bub’s bottom, fleece liners to protect our nappies and keep bub’s bottom dry, and a wash routine that kept our nappies from falling apart. Once he outgrew these nappies, we switched to pad fold flats, prefolds and covers and a cloth pull up night nappy.


Fast forward a few years to Bub number 2 and I thought I was totally prepared! I was going for newborn modern coth nappies, fitteds and covers, flats and covers and the same one-size-fits-most that I’d used for my first baby. The first few months were a piece of cake and I was in the wash groove and managing mum life with 2. Then we turned the corner to the heavy wetting debacle! Every single nappy leaked!! I was washing nappies and clothes round the clock and with feeding issues I struggled with thoughts of “disposables would be so much easier”.


But I pushed through and turned to trial and error.


And it was worth it! We added extra boosting and learnt that he was just an intense heavy wetter and needed to be changed a lot more frequently.


Then we hit the night nappy struggle! Our night nappies were just not cutting it! So then went the search to find a solution. We finally found an incredibly absorbent fitted nappy and fleece cover combo that worked for us and meant I wasn’t getting a toddler up in the morning soaked to his armpits and changing sheets every day! And honestly it saved my sanity and he went back to sleeping properly. Happy bub, happy mum.


The biggest thing I’ve learnt is one style/type of nappy won’t always work.


I’ve learnt to be flexible and just go with it and to persevere even when I’m frustrated beyond belief. Trial and error is sometimes the only way to get through. And when it’s tough do your research and ask for advice! There’s always someone that may have an idea that you may not have thought of that may fix the problem.


I’ve learnt that come baby number 3 you just have to go with it and take it as it comes and not be afraid to try different things until you get a system that works for you! Hang in there if it’s tough because in the long run it’s worth it.