Cloth Nappy Week 2021 is going to look a little bit more ‘normal’ than last year, with a bunch of cloth nappy meetups (or nappycinos!) happening in person! There are lots of cloth nappy workshops being held around the country too, as well as Great Cloth Diaper Change event.

We’ve also connected with Reusable Nappy Week in the UK and NZ to put together a #PassTheNappy social media event. Find the details on that here.

Cloth Nappy Week is a time to chat cloth, to raise awareness in our communities, to talk to councils and maternity units about providing cloth nappy education and support, and to government about why – with the push to reduce and remove single use plastics – reusable options aren’t given the attention and encouragement they deserve.

If you’d like to contact your local council or organisation about offering incentives and education to families to help them choose reusable, join our Facebook Group and you can download our template with all the information you need.

Please get involved with some of the Cloth Nappy Week events – it’s a great way to connect with the wider cloth nappy community, start some conversations, and maybe be part of a bigger change.

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