The Australian Nappy Association is working together with members of the UK & NZ cloth nappy communities to create a fun social media cloth-nappy-advocacy event called ‘Pass The Nappy’ for Earth Day (22 April) and we need your help!
#PassTheNappy is about linking our global community (UK, Australia & NZ so far) together in support of Cloth/Reusable Nappy Week to show the benefits reusable nappies have on our environment. That they can be passed on and reused on subsequent children, whether that be siblings or other families, time and time again, saving millions of single-use nappies from incineration and landfill.
What we need from you:
Create a very short portrait video (less than 5 seconds long) of you or someone else passing a reusable nappy. Be as creative as you like, with a simple pass from your left to right. Any reusable nappy of your choice 🙂 It is important that videos have good light and are of high quality. Any background is fine, but if you happen to have access to an iconic Australian background (visiting the Opera house? have some kangaroos in your backyard?) please use it!
Here’s a sample video from the UK’s Reusable Nappy Week team showing the sort of videos we mean (except we’re trying to keep it simple with left to right passing if possible!):

Please email your video to by 21 April and we’ll collate them into a fun video for social media that will be posted for Earth Day 22 April. We’ll also be linking in with Reusable Nappy Week in the UK and NZ (& hopefully some other countries as well) to make a giant video in celebration of Cloth Nappy Week 2021!
Please also post your video on your own social media page during the day as well. Use the hashtags #PassTheNappy #ClothNappyWeek #AustralianNappyAssociation #GetIntoCloth #ReusableNappyWeek, #EarthDay #ChooseToReuse #ChangeStartsHere and tag @AustralianNappyAssociation. You can also tag the UK with @ReusableNappyWeekOfficial (Facebook, Instagram) or @ReusableNappyWk (Twitter)
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