For the love of cloth. That’s what the Australian Nappy Association’s inaugural Cloth Nappy Week is all about in 2019. Babies may be little but the plastic and poo waste they add to our landfill is HUGE. Did you know that over 6000 disposables per baby go to landfill, where they will stay for over 500 years? With so much community attention on reducing our waste – reducing plastic bag use, plastic straws and bottles, why are we still wrapping babies in plastic and single use nappies? Why aren’t councils and hospitals making it easier for parents to choose cloth?

This week we have some information sharing and a few guest blog posts from cloth nappy industry leaders and business owners, as well as… Nappycinos!!! Get togethers in real life where you can meet up with other cloth nappying parents and build/strengthen your local cloth community.

Nappycino get togethers are happening across the country this week, including at Darlings Downunder in Melbourne, Nest Nappies in Brisbane and Boutique Bums in Perth, as well as Great Cloth Diaper Change events at Little Strawberries on the Sunshine Coast, Little Aussie Monster in Cairns, and Canberra Cloth Bums in (surprise, surprise!) Canberra. Check our Events Page for an event closer to you as we add Cloth Diaper Changes and Cloth Nappy Week get togethers as we know about them.

Nothing in your area yet? Why not host one yourself in a local park? Once organised, add the details here, and post the details on our social media pages and share within your networks. It’s a great way to build a local community with other like-minded parents. Who knows, you may be inspired to work together to make big changes!