October is almost upon us and as we enjoy the gorgeous weather and hopefully also the slower pace that spring seems to bring with its longer days and warm evenings, it’s time to pull out the camera (or at least, the camera function on your smart phone!) and capture your cloth nappy love in pictures!

Cloth Shot A Day is a photo-of-the-day event, with a different theme or subject each day. We are so excited to be bringing you an incredible prize pool worth over $2000!

This year brings with it a whole new set of photo prompts, provided by friends and supporters of the ANA. We can’t wait to see what fabulous images come out of the new prompts and hope you love them as much as we do. 

Here’s how it works…

To enter:   Upload your image on Instagram along with: #clothshotaday2020 #getintocloth #clothnappies and mention: @australiannappyassociation OR upload your photo on the Australian Nappy Association’s Facebook page (NOT your own profile) with the same hashtags.

That’s it… TOO EASY!!

Your photo can be literal, funny, clever, or really creative! Just make sure you show how great cloth nappies and their accessories are! The winner for each day will be drawn the following day, so make sure you get your pictures up on Instagram the same day to go in the draw for that day’s prize. Important things to keep in mind:

  • Your Instagram profile must be public (if you are posting on Instagram).
  • Only posts (photo or video) on Instagram profiles/feeds are supported. Stories are not supported.
  • Posting dates must be between 1st and 31st October in order to qualify.
  • You do not have to post every day.
  • Mention and hashtags must be included in the post caption, not in post comments. Both hashtags and the @ mention must be included in order to qualify.
  • One entry per person per day.
  • Daily entry cut off is midnight AEST.
  • Giveaway is open to Australian residents aged 18 and over.
  • ANA members and cloth nappy business owners are excluded from winning any prizes.
  • Entries close at midnight each night for that day’s theme. The winner will be announced on our Facebook page and our Instagram feed each day, for the previous day’s entries.

And now for the fun detail! Our prizes and sponsors…


Awarded to one individual for overall awesome participation and creativity!

Catbird Baby Pikkolo Carrier (Georgia) with matching Reversible Carry All Tote from babyshop RRP $226.90


Winner 1: Bubblebubs Nappy Pod Wetbag, 5 Bubblebubs BIG Fitted Nappies, Snappi & PUL Cover from Nest Nappies RRP $191.60

Winner 2:  Strucket from Strucket RRP $59.95 & a $40 voucher from Booty Crawl RRP $40 & a $50 voucher from Critters Creations RRP $50


Day 1: connect – nappy and matching mini wetbag from Askel Creations RRP $72

Day 2: learn – custom made nappy and matching small wetbag from Prince & Cub RRP $67.85

Day 3: play – Seedling Baby Home+Go mat, pair soft sole leather baby shoes from Baby Mumma RRP $69.95

Day 4: water – $50 voucher from Designer Bums RRP $50

Day 5: nature – 3 close pop-ins nappies from Close Parent Australia RRP $116.85

Day 6: embrace – Alcmena v3.5 nappy, matching mini wetbag and breast pads set from Cloth & Carry RRP $64

Day 7: organise – large change mat, multi purpose large wetbag, eco-love nappy, eco-bambinie, 2 extra inserts from Eco Love RRP $80

Day 8: bubbles – Bubblebubs Candie Nappy & Mini wetbag from Nest Nappies RRP $46.90

Day 9: modern – Adult silicone necklace (custom made), 3pk crochet make up wipes, cloth nappy of choice from Fluff Bums & Mums RRP $69.95

Day 10: delight – nappy & wetbag from Little Eco Baby RRP $TBC

Day 11: present – LP 3 AIO nappies & swim nappy from Little Piglet RRP $115.80

Day 12: cuddles – tuti nappy, alva nappy, 5 pack reusable bamboo wipes from Wren & Myrtle RRP $48.95

Day 13: match – swim nappy & mini wetbag from Baby Beehinds RRP $TBA

Day 14: hero – OSFM trial pack from Minnie & Mae RRP $79.90

Day 15: future – Candies Trial Pack from Bubblebubs RRP $113.85

Day 16: peek – 2 Disana wool covers from Fluffy Bums RRP $79.85

Day 17: on the go – $50 voucher from Designer Bums RRP $50

Day 18: old – $50 voucher from Little Aussie Monster RRP $50

Day 19: happy – Buttons diaper one size cover with hemp daytime insert, double pocket wetbag from Little Strawberries RRP $49.98

Day 20: love2 GroVia AIO nappies and 2 Grovia NB AIO nappies from GroVia Australia RRP $121

Day 21: black & white – Seedling Baby Multifit nappy and Beach Bag from Darlings Downunder RRP $60.90

Day 22: sentimental – 2 week 12-nappy hire package from Cloth Nappy Hire Australia RRP $87

Day 23: rainbow – 3 nappies from Designer Bums RRP $110.85

Day 24: cleanMotherease Wizard Uno one size nappy and a Planet wise changemat from Baby Blossom RRP $58.90

Day 25: oneMiamoo Mumma Loves Bubba nappy & Seedling Baby Teeny Tote in Explorer print from Mumma Loves Bubba RRP $38.95

Day 26: new – Newborn Day/Night starter pack – 4x hemp contour nappies, 4x hemp trifold night inserts, 2x Mini360 covers from RAWr Nappies RRP $178.90

Day 27: local – $40 voucher from EcoNaps RRP $40

Day 28: quick – $50 voucher from Cloth Nappies Down Under RRP $50

Day 29: zero – Seedling Baby Home+Go Mat from Tots & Toddlers RRP $49.95

Day 30: environment – $50 voucher + multi-purpose change mat from Little Aussie Monster RRP $65

Day 31: stash – $50 voucher from Designer Bums RRP $50

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