What an incredible month October turned out to be! With the warmer weather and longer days, we saw fluff flashed all over social media with thousands of photos shared of your gorgeous babies throughout the month! Absolutely phenomenal effort and an incredible way to start the conversation about cloth with the friends and family who saw your photos.



So of course it’s time to announce the lucky winners and this was no easy feat! We had a LOT of awesome photos to go through and to be honest, it’s never easy having to choose winners when you have so many great entries! We easily could have chosen another dozen winners.. in fact, we kind of did! Keep reading 🙂

Thank you to everyone who shared even one photo during the month. We loved seeing them all and it’s really beautiful to see so many Australian families happily using cloth nappies. We hope that we can continue to support and inspire you throughout your journey.

A big shout out to Victoria from Squiggles and Bubbles and Brooke from Eco Parents who thoroughly and thoughtfully curated our winners.



1st Prize

We just couldn’t pass by the creativity and cleverness of this adorable shot! Little one, you’ll have a beautiful stash of goodies to welcome you!


2nd Prize

We all know the reality way too well… there are just too many gorgeous options, right?!


3rd Prize

Oh little Bubba Duncan, you had so many beautiful photos all month, it was hard to just pick one!


1st Runner Up

Who can resist a beautiful, simple, practical terry flat bottom!


2nd Runner Up

Loved this vision of our beautiful earth.


3rd Runner Up

Our thoughts exactly… who needs shorts?!


4th Runner Up

We loved this clever compilation from Veronica.


5th Runner Up

Wasn’t that the cutest thing for the giraffe to match the baby’s nappy!


Honourable Mentions

We just couldn’t choose only 8 winners. There were so many more that were deserving of a prize and the following 7 were real standouts, so we’d like to send you a little something too.








I’m a winner! Now what?

If you’re one of this year’s Cloth Shot A Day winners, please send us an email (blog @ australiannappyassociation.org.au) with your full name and current postal address (within Australia), along with your social media username and we’ll organise for your prize to be sent.

If you have a preference for print, colour or size of your prize (where applicable), please also let us know in this email. Your prize sponsor will do their best to accommodate your request, although no guarantees can be made due to fluctuating stock availability.

If you are unsure what you have won and whether or not options apply, Click Here find out.

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