Councils around Australia are becoming more aware of the benefits of cloth nappies and how they are much better for the environment. Workshops and rebates are becoming commonplace. We are in the process of developing useful collateral for councils to use in their cloth nappy education. If there’s something in particular that you need, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch.

2021 Councils & Cloth Nappies Listing

Read our 2021 listing of councils who are currently supporting cloth nappy use through rebates and/or education such as workshops. Not on the list? Get in touch


Here are some printables that you may find useful for sharing with community members or at cloth nappy education events.

Tips for fitting

Write to your council

Do you want your local council to get involved? Download our template now!

Border Towns Get Into Cloth

Here at the Australian Nappy Association, we have a “thing” for reducing waste. We think it’s a really awesome thing to do! So of course, we think that the Halve Waste initiative is absolutely fabulous! Halve Waste was developed by Albury City Council, City of Wodonga...

City of Mandurah Gets Into Cloth

Western Australia's City of Mandurah has taken an important step towards further reducing its environmental impact and improving the quality of life of its citizens. In addition to the other environmental work that the City supports, Mandurah has adopted a new cloth...

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