Today’s post comes from Vashti Wadwell. Vashti is a mother of three and owner of Australia’s only dedicated, bricks and mortar, cloth nappy boutique, Nest Nappies, located in the gorgeous Brisbane suburb of Paddington. Vashti has cloth nappied all three of her children, starting with traditional terry squares nearly 11 years ago and now using a bit of everything on her toddler. With over eight years in the industry, there isn’t much that Vashti hasn’t seen!

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Fitted Nappies

bambams2Fitted nappies are shaped just like a one use nappy and available in a wide range of fabrics including hemp, hemp / bamboo blend, bamboo / cotton blend, bamboo velour and cotton. A fitted nappy will usually feature elastic in the legs and waist to ensure a nice, snug fit (and hold in all those poonami’s!). Normally these nappies are fastened with hook and loop (velcro) or snaps but some brands are secured with a nappy fastener to ensure a versatile fit.

Fitted nappies are available in sized to give a nice trim fit or in a one size fits most that will adjust as your baby grows. They will often have a snap in or fold out layer to assist with quick drying. These nappies offer great wearability as the entire nappy is absorbent. They do need a cover to make them waterproof, though.

Many new parents love fitted nappies on newborns as they offer double leak protection when teamed with a snug fitting cover. They are also a popular choice at night for when your little one starts sleeping through. With a bit of boosting and a wool cover, getting 10 – 12 hours is a breeze.

TreeCloth nappies made easy.  From the start!

As the only dedicated real life cloth nappy boutique in Australia we are experts at making cloth nappies easy.  From the start!

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with personalised service and oodles of confidence to cloth nappy their newborn (or baby or toddler!). The variety of brands and extensive range of products we stock reflects outstanding quality and offers exceptional value for money.

As industry leaders and an Australian Nappy Association accredited business, we cover all bases!  No matter what point you’re at in your cloth nappy journey, we will help you find the cloth nappies that are right for you and your baby. 

Our store front is located in the beautiful Brisbane suburb of Paddington, just 2km from the city centre.  We have off street parking and a great child friendly courtyard and are close to some great cafes and other retail stores.  Come and visit us and make a day of it!

In store we sell a large range of tried and tested modern cloth nappies (MCNs), traditional nappies (flats, pre-folds and fitted nappies), nappy covers (piltchers), training pants, night nappies, swim nappies and cloth pull-ups.  You will also find cloth wipes, wetbags, Little Squirts, Snappis, cloth nappy friendly laundry products, biodegradable and stay-dry liners. Come in and see us, catch us online or join us for one of our FREE cloth nappy workshops for lots of great information.

In addition to cloth nappies we sell a range of baby carriers including ring slings, Manduca carriers, Close Caboo carriers and Elaroo ring slings, as well as hand crafted fair trade toys, amber teething necklaces, silicone teething jewellery, breastfeeding clothing and more.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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