Kozy Kuddlz was never meant to be about nappies…… 8 years ago when I started this little business it had a completely different focus but when I made the switch to cloth nappies with my second son something shifted…..I got addicted! Something I’m sure many of you can relate to.

At the time we were in a pretty tight spot financially, cloth made more sense and it was so damn cute! I stalked the Australian nappy maker’s pages, ogling their beautiful creations and I even managed to snap a few up in a time when embroidered nappies were incredibly hard to get your hands on. But, nothing I saw truly resonated with what ‘I’ wanted to see on a nappy (and it was near impossible to get a custom spot back then). So I saved my pennies and bought a basic embroidery machine!

I tinkered for a couple of years, playing with patterns and embroideries. In late 2013 the opportunity arose to apply for a position as a Lolly Bottoms licensee. This appealed to me because unlike many nappy patterns it was an exclusive design, and to be accepted it was necessary to provide physical examples of my work (as opposed to just photos) for scrutiny. So I posted off my samples and waited (very impatiently) for Australia Post to deliver my precious cargo. Luckily for me Erin was impressed with my quality and I was accepted as a licensee!

One of the biggest decisions I had to make very early in my nappy making days was the direction I wanted to go in with regard to my style. Cute characters are popular, but they held no appeal for me. I wanted to be DIFFERENT, for my designs to be truly unique and unmistakably ME. It’s a decision that has no doubt cost me sales along the way, but I believe that for me to create at my best I truly need to be passionate about what I’m making and cutesy characters just don’t do that for me. If you browse through my albums of past designs you’ll find an eclectic array of creations. Nothing is off the table when it comes to creating something that is absolutely unique to you and your baby (well, except characters and licenced designs!). I insist on retaining a large percentage of creative control when designing your nappies, you give me a concept and I work out the nitty gritty details! The end product is something that is yours alone, no two nappies I make are ever the same, which ensures that every Kozy creation is completely one of a kind. Designs can take hours to perfect, taking a little from this and a little from that to tell a story, and that’s before the nappy goes anywhere near the embroidery machine. The slightest movement of a design element can make all the difference in the finished product.

So what is it that sets a Kozy nappy apart?

  1. I am currently the only nappy maker creating from the Lolly Bottoms patterns
  2. Quality is absolutely paramount to me and I’ve been known to be a little (ok a lot!) OCD about this! If you start with the best quality fabrics, you end up with a top quality end product
  3. EVERY nappy I’ve ever made is absolutely OOAK
  4. 7.5 years of creating means you can rely on me to be around if you get stuck and have questions. I’m not going anywhere!
  5. I’m an incredibly impatient person, once I’ve bought something I want it….yesterday! For this reason I keep my wait list short, typically around the 2-4 week mark so you don’t have to wait either J.

My passion lies within educating people about, and promoting the Australian Handcrafted Nappy community. I am a founding member of The Handcrafted Nappy Connection, a one stop nappy shop for all things Australian made. Here you’ll find gorgeous nappies all ready to post from some of our most talented and experienced nappy makers. All are Registered Australian Businesses and you can connect back to their own Facebook pages and websites directly from our directory pages.


Kozy Kuddlz has grown over the years to more than I could have ever imagined. I’m lucky enough to now be working alongside some of my absolute nappy idols, both through my interactions in The Handcrafted Nappy Connection, and also within the ANA. 8 years ago I never dreamed that I would have made a quarter of the nappies I’ve made today. Every new order is a chance to push my creativity and skills to a new level, your orders help me to grow as a person and as an artist. For that I thank each and every one of you who owns one of my nappies, some of you have a full stash! If you don’t already own one, please stop by my website or the Handcrafted website, I’d love to bring a little Kozy love into your home.

Kylie xx

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