Celebrating a Year for the Australian Nappy Association

This month marks a YEAR since the Australian Nappy Association officially launched to the public – at the Australian Breastfeeding Association‘s Conference in 2014!

But the origins of the ANA go back further than that. A meeting of representatives from cloth nappy businesses from around Australia (makers/manufacturers and retailers) was held in Melbourne on 8 May 2012 (after LOTS of talking online), and the decision was made to go ahead with establishing a not-for-profit industry association that would represent the development, promotion and support of reusable nappy products in Australia. A core group took on board the planning, organisation and expense that goes into getting an organisation like this to the launch stage. It was a long process, but an important step for the industry as well as for the continued growth of cloth nappy use in Australia. 

We are so proud of what we’ve achieved already – resources like our simple standardised Washing Guidelines, Get Into Cloth Advocacy Kits, Cloth in Childcare Ambassador Packs, our blog (with heaps of information and encouragement for parents and carers), contact with local government and other groups, professional development for members and the opportunity for businesses within the industry to work together for the common goal of increasing awareness of cloth nappies and growing the use of cloth within Australia.

Many huge Thank You’s to the members who put in countless volunteer hours and to everyone who supports the ANA. (And if you’re a cloth nappy business owner, we’d love you to join us)

Here’s to many more successful years of helping make cloth nappies an accessible and mainstream choice for parents!

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