How do I care for my cloth nappies?

In response to the needs of thousands of families across Australia, the ANA has developed industry best practice standard washing instructions for cloth nappies. You can learn the 5 step simple wash routine below.

1. Flush

Flush solids into the toilet.

2. Store

Give the nappy a quick rinse under the laundry tap before storing in a dry nappy bucket. This will minimise staining, cut down on smell and stop potential fabric damage from acid wee.

3. Pre-rinse

Once you have enough nappies for a wash, run your load through a warm pre-rinse cycle in the machine. This gets rid of any excess urine or soiling before the wash cycle.

4. Wash

Put your nappies through a normal/long wash cycle at less than 60°C, with the amount of detergent recommended by the detergent manufacturer for your load size and water level.

5. Dry

Line dry for best results or tumble dry according to manufacturer’s directions.

Download your printable version of this ANAs 5 step wash routine.

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