Stash and Store: Ideas for Organising and Storing Cloth Nappies


Recently, we asked our members to share a picture of their nappy storage area. If you’re just starting out on your cloth journey or are yet to find the perfect nappy storage solution, we hope you find something here that helps.


Brooke from Eco Parents thinks she might have scored the prize for least colourful nappy stash! With one child in nappies only at night, Brooke’s stash is comprised of some hardy terry flats, wool covers and extras boosters.



Cassandra from Mitch n Moo keeps her nappies under the change table, with some fitteds, flats and prefolds in nappy stackers.



Carly from New Age Nappies stores her nappies in fabric storage boxes – a simple option that is handy for a day out! Grab a box of nappies, some wipes, a wet bag and pop it all in the boot.





Naurelle from Tots and Toddlers has been on holidays for a few weeks, so this is how her clean stash is stored!



Eva from Seedling Baby keeps her nappies in a bucket under the change table. Night nappies sit at the front so that there’s no shuffling through the whole stash in the wee small hours, wipes in a basket and random boosters and accessories in a container at the back.




Cushie Tushies consultants have some very lovely, practical storage ideas!