Our previous posts have covered dry pails, pre-wash and detergents. The next step is the main wash. Your main wash is a long wash cycle that cleans the nappies thoroughly.

You may want or need to pre-treat stains. This can become worse when your child has had medicine or eaten certain foods. Some fruits can make them poop colours from the rainbow. Pre-treating can be done using bars of laundry soap such as Sard, Velvet etc. After popping contents into the toilet and spraying off extra poo, rub the soap on the stain until bubbly. They can then be put in the dry pail until wash time. You may choose to add stain removal powder to the pre-wash or main wash.

Front Loader

You can add other items to have a full load. A full load gives better results as it gives better agitation but don’t overstuff the machine so you can’t shut the door. Set the temperature at 40-60° depending on detergent choice and run a 2-3 hour cycle.

Top Loader

Run the longest cycle your machine has including a soak cycle if it has one. If it doesn’t you may like to pause the machine after it has filled and allow to sit for about an hour and start it up again. It should take 2-2.5 hours total. Wash at 40-60° and fill with other items to create a medium size load. Top loaders don’t agitate as well if they are too full.

This all may sound like a lot of work but in reality, it’s your machine that’s doing the work.

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