Making the switch from disposables to cloth nappies

Making the switch from disposable to cloth nappies

So you’ve been doing some research and you’re really interested in switching from using disposables to cloth nappies…

But it’s such a daunting change, seems so complicated and you’re a little worried that that you won’t be able to keep it up and you’ll be left with a stash of unused cloth nappies that just make you feel guilty. So what can you do to make this change with the minimum of stress and give you the best chance of success?

A change to your routine will always take some adjustment, and while some people like to move to cloth full time all at once so they don’t give themselves an ‘out’, there is no ‘all or nothing’ rule about using cloth nappies. It’s about what works for your family.

Many of us like to make a change gradually, and there are certain advantages to doing that when you start using cloth nappies – especially if you’ve been used to using disposables exclusively.


Start small

Start with just a few nappies. This way you’re not up for the expense of a full time stash of cloth nappies and you get a chance to try several different sorts (a mixed starter pack of several different styles/brands is a great place to start if you’re not sure), and work out what nappy suits you best. Then you can add to your stash as you feel more confident and as your budget allows.

 Making the switch from disposables to reusable nappies.

Start at home

Don’t worry about using cloth when you’re out and about to begin with. Get the hang of using them at home and setting up a change table to laundry system first.


Start a routine

For most of us, having a routine to stick to helps when we’re making changes. Work out where to fit washing that load of cloth nappies into your day, and how you’re going to dry them so that you’ll have clean and dry nappies when you need them.


Don’t sweat it

Don’t get too set on how you want it to work. Be prepared to adapt your cloth nappy use (and the washing routine) to suit you and your family as you go.


Don’t get discouraged

There will be setbacks. There’s plenty of advice out there, though, and if you’re dealing with a particular problem, then your local cloth nappy store, the nappy manufacturer, or experienced cloth nappying parents are all useful sources.


If you need any advice or information about transitioning to cloth nappies, don’t forget that help isn’t far away. Our accredited industry members are there to help make this transition smooth and fun.


Many thanks to ANA Founding Member, Fiona from Darlings Downunder, for her time in compiling this post.

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