This week we’re celebrating Australia’s multibrand cloth nappy retail businesses. We’ll introduce you to some business owners passionate about reusable nappies, sharing their wide knowledge and experience. A multibrand retailer is a great place to start if you’re new to cloth nappies, as they have a wide experience of different brands and knowledge across all areas and can help narrow down the options to suit your family.

Hi! I’m Larissa Genat, mumma to five sweet kiddos (four in my arms and one in my heart), lover of chocolate, and owner of Baby Mumma.

Baby Mumma began over a decade ago, but four years ago is when it became mine. The business was put up for sale just after my fourth child was born, and I struggled with whether the timing was right or not. But in the end, I decided to go for it – I wanted to share my love and knowledge of MCN and baby carriers while also providing financially for my family.

Over the four years, the biggest challenge has been the time available for me to work on the business. Initially I would work during nap times, and later I would work after the kiddos were in bed. By the time our youngest was born, I was too tired once all four children were in bed, so would catch scraps of time throughout the day. It’s not easy running a business while also parenting four young kids who didn’t go to childcare! As my children have grown and my husband’s work hours have changed, I now find myself with a full day each week and now the challenge is to not plan too much for that day!

One of my favourite parts of Baby Mumma is being able to help parents find the ideal cloth nappy for their little one. There’s a big misconception among parents that cloth nappies are difficult to use, bulky on the baby, or simply that they don’t work. None of those are true, and it makes my heart smile to see families making the switch to nappies that don’t harm the environment. And the biggest benefit of being a multi-brand retailer is that I can offer parents a large range of nappies, practically guaranteeing they’ll find one that they love!

I am so grateful for what Baby Mumma means for my family – by being able to work from home, I have seen every milestone for each of my kiddos so far and get to create wonderful memories with them while they grow, like our favourite pastime of exploring the many parks and playgrounds of Adelaide! I am beyond thrilled that Baby Mumma allows me to help parents with their nappy needs while also making the most of time with my kiddos before they head off to school.

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