This week we’re celebrating Australia’s multibrand cloth nappy retail businesses. We’ll introduce you to some business owners passionate about reusable nappies, sharing their wide knowledge and experience. A multibrand retailer is a great place to start if you’re new to cloth nappies, as they have a wide experience of different brands and knowledge across all areas and can help narrow down the options to suit your family.

Hi, I’m Megan, owner of Baby Blossom Australia. I purchased Baby Blossom as an established multi-brand online shop in 2013. It was quite small at that time and the reason I bought it was it was the distributor for my favourite US brand of nappies, Blueberry. At that time there also wasn’t many other similar stores in Sydney, particularly north-west Sydney, so while we ship Australia wide it was good to be able to offer demonstrations to local customers.

Since then the business has grown year after year as we add more brands and product options to make it a one stop shop for all cloth nappy and reusable baby product needs. When first purchasing the shop I thought it would be a good side business while I was on maternity leave. What I didn’t factor in was how I would cope running this side project when I went back to work at my “real” job after maternity leave. After easing back into work over a few years I’m now back to full time work and that can be a challenge, however I’m passionate about environmentally friendly products and still get a huge kick out of getting in new print releases from our brands and helping new mums navigate all the options out there.

One of the best things about being a multi-brand retailer is being able to offer customers mixed nappy packages. My tip to first time cloth users is never to buy one brand in large quantities until you’ve seen how that brands style and fit works for you. Each bub is so different and each family will need to find what works for them, so it’s very rewarding and interesting to be able to offer a variety of options and getting feedback on what has and hasn’t worked for our customers.

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