Green Skills Inc, a local environmental organisation in Western Australia, has begun delivering cloth nappy workshops with a Perth local council.

Every day, thousands of nappies arrive at the recycling facilities around Perth after being placed into the incorrect kerbside bin.

Inspired to tackle the contamination of the materials recovery facility, we created a “Nappies for Newborns and Beyond” workshop, for delivery at local libraries, new mothers groups and early childhood centres.

The Australian Nappy Association’s “Get into Cloth” kit has been fantastic for introducing new parents to modern cloth nappies in the flesh (not just on the internet). Parents tell us that the different brands, sizes and fabrics can be confusing when you are just starting out and google ‘cloth nappies’.

Questions from parents often include: “Will my newborn really fit into this nappy?”, “How do I use cloth at night?”, and “do you have reusable swim nappies?”. So far, there has always been a young family already using cloth to rave about their experience first-hand!

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This project is supported by the Waste Authority through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Account.