Are you following the Nappy Leaks podcast? This is an awesome Australian cloth nappy podcast, hosted by a couple of our founding members: Vashti from Nest Nappies and Vicki from Bubblebubs, who chat about all things reusable nappy. Check out a list of episodes here.

Nappy Leaks PodcastIn the most recent episode, Vicki and Vashti chatted about the ways you can identify a quality cloth nappy, with specific reference to rebranded generic ‘China Cheapies’. It’s an interesting conversation covering manufacturing of nappies in China (and a bit of the history of the Australian manufacturing industry), Australian brands v factory brands, quality indicators to look out for, and why generic factory nappies are so much cheaper than Australian brands. It’s non-judgemental, realising that parents make the best choice for them based on budget and values, but recognises that knowledge can help empower parent to choose and use cloth nappies successfully.

Listen to the episode here:



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