Today’s post is by Alice Henchion from Nappy Lane.

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I don’t know if there is anything cuter than a Newborn sized Modern Cloth Nappy (MCN), except, perhaps, a newborn IN a tiny Modern Cloth Nappy.

Many brands do a Newborn sized modern cloth nappy that will fit your baby from birth through to 6-12 weeks plus (depending on your babies size and the style of nappy). You can get newborn nappies in All-in-One style, All-in-Two style, or fitted nappies (to be used with covers.)

Newborn All-in-One

Benefits of using a newborn MCN:

  • You get into a routine of using cloth nappies from day one
  • All-in-One nappies are as easy to use as disposables (no folding, snappies or covers) which is great for converting reluctant partners or babysitters
  • The cuteness factor. The prints, the colours, the fluff!
  • Cloth nappies contain those spectacular newborn number two’s very well
  • A lot of One Size Fits Most nappies won’t fit for the first couple of weeks/months
  • Newborn sized nappies look nice and trim on small babies.
  • Newborn fitted nappies and covers can be worn a little longer up to 8kg

Newborn Fitted

It can be a big outlay to get 20-30 newborn nappies that may only last your baby 6-12 weeks.

  • Store the nappies to use on any more babies you might have
  • Sell your newborn nappies when you’re done with them to recoup some of the cost
  • Any friends or family having a baby before or after you? You could pitch in together to get a newborn stash for all of you to use.
  • Use a newborn Nappy Library to hire the nappies
  • Purchase a newborn stash with a mix of newborn sized nappies + prefolds to keep the cost down


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About Alice

Based in the Illawarra, NSW, I have a funny Irish husband and 3 beautiful kidlets aged 5, 3, and a newborn – all who have been in cloth nappies since birth. I love the parenthood adventure with all the bliss and bedlam it entails.