The decision to use cloth nappies changed my life in so many ways. Not only did I go on to run my own cloth nappy business, I also started to reassess my entire life. I decided to really own my impact and change the way that I do other things too!
I regularly frequent the Wasteless Pantry bulk food stores to fill my own containers and most of our clothes and toys are preloved Op Shop or baby market/Gumtree bargains. I’m not even close to becoming a vegan by any means…but we are certainly trying to reduce our meat consumption. Our waste reduction each week is continually improving with the help of composting and general increased awareness when shopping for EVERYTHING!!!
From being a new mumma who was totally grossed out by the idea of even selling cloth menstrual pads…I now personally use a combination of a cup and reusable pads. I am also  looking into stocking and using some beautiful wahm made family cloth and Unpaper towel.
From wet bags and change mats to breast pads and shopping bags, the range of reusable products that we stock at Booty Crawl is growing each week. We aim to be a one stop mumma and bubba shop and are always happy to tailor a discounted accessories package to suit your needs. Oh and of course we also stock one of the most extensive ranges of cloth nappies in Australia too….
I realise that it’s easy to sit back and do nothing but it’s also not hard to make small changes every day. I have gone from working in jobs where there are BIG $ to be made to conducting free educational workshops. I love a challenge such as Plastic Free July and encourage everyone to join me, it’s never too late to start and every tiny bit helps!!!
As the native proverb explains perfectly “We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors, We Borrow It from Our Children”. 

Booty Crawl is Perth’s leading Cloth Nappy Retailer. Their showroom in the Northern Suburbs is a treasure trove of goodies, and Amanda is a highly experienced cloth nappy guru so whether you are brand new to cloth nappies or a master make sure you get in touch for all your cloth nappy needs.