So you’ve heard about Plastic Free July but you are not sure you are able to dive in to such a big commitment. What if you fail?

Well, here at the Australian Nappy Association we are passionate about reusable nappy related products. But we also value plenty of other reusable products too.

This July we have committed to help you in your attempt at Plastic Free July. We want to celebrate the fact that you are willing to give it a go. It’s not about what you don’t manage or can’t do. At the end of the day what you are able to achieve, any small win, is worth a pat on the back.

How can the ANA help you? We have Brooke Summerville, founder of Eco Parents Australia at your disposal – perhaps that is not the best term…anyway, she’s here to offer you support during the month.

How can you get involved?

It’s up to you whether you decide to officially register for Plastic Free July through their website here. Even if you don’t you can join us in a private Facebook group. You’ll be supported. You’ll be able to ask the group for help with any issues (perhaps you are terrible at remembering to take your green shopping bags to the grocery store), share any triumphs (we will clap when you refuse a plastic straw) or take comfort in the fact that even eco angels find plastic difficult to eliminate from their lives completely.

As an incentive for participating with the ANA Brooke has some homemade cutlery wraps up for grabs for four participants that would like to write a little guest blog about their experience.

Join us here.


Brooke Summerville is the founder of Eco Parents Australia. Share in her family’s experience of trying to raise kids sustainably. Her website, blog and Facebook page is where she shares her challenges, triumphs, tips, useful links, articles, eco product reviews and giveaways. Brooke says ” I have always been eco-minded, but having children amplified the importance of living gently”. Get involved with Eco Parents Australia.

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