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Prefolds are the often forgotten about middle child of the cloth nappy family. A simpler option than traditional flat nappies but without the pizzazz of modern cloth nappies (MCN’s)

Prefolds are a rectangle nappy, with extra layers of absorbency sewn in the centre. You can get them in cotton (cheap and hard-wearing) or bamboo (super soft and often stretchy). Prefolds should be used with a waterproof cover.

Cotton + Bamboo Prefolds

The easiest way to use Prefolds is to fold them in three and place them in a cover – often called the Trifold or Pad Fold. You can also use a Snappi (3 pronged stretchy plastic fastener) and do all sorts of fancy folds. The Angel fold, The Jelly Roll fold and the Newspaper fold are just a few. My personal favourite is the simple Angel Fold, which gets a snug fit on even the most skinny-legged newborn.

Prefolds come in sizes and can be used for newborns through to toddlers. A lot of parents use Prefolds in the newborn stage before their babies fit into their One-Size-Fits-Most MCN stash.

Cotton Prefold

Some benefits of using Prefolds:

  • You can do different folds to suit your baby
  • You can tailor absorbency for overnight and heavy wetters
  • Quick drying (+ you can tumble dry if you need to)
  • Cheap! Prefolds are one of the most affordable nappy options
  • Works well for skinny-legged and smaller babies
  • They are great to travel with as they don’t take up too much space

Prefolds are a great, affordable and flexible option to cloth nappy your baby.


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