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In response to requests from Health Professionals, Councils and community groups around Australia, the Australian Nappy Association has developed their Get Into Cloth, cloth nappy advocacy kits.

Specifically designed as a practical and easy way to promote cloth nappy use, the products and information provided in our Get Into Cloth kits demystifies cloth nappy use and provide an expansive range of different types and sizes of traditional and modern cloth nappies.  If you want to effectively and easily demonstrate the many benefits and features of cloth nappies; this kit is for you!

What's in the Get Into Cloth kits?

Each Get Into Cloth kit comes complete with six to eight cloth nappies, including traditional cloth nappies, a waterproof cover, nappy fastener, several modern cloth nappies & useful accessories.  Quick and easy to read information is provided on a swing tag attached to each nappy in the kit, covering details such as drying time, ease of use, size range & general description of the type of nappy.  This enables workshop participants to process the information themselves and is also extremely useful as a quick and easy guide for those running workshops or information sessions.

Digital posters of Washing and Care Guidelines and our fantastic Myth Busters infographic provide participants with concise, unambiguous information that has been put together by cloth nappy professionals.

Our informative 10 minute Get Into Cloth introductory video is also included in each kit via USB. This video can be shown to your workshop or class participants or can be used to train people within your organisation who will be demonstrating cloth nappies to an audience.  It outlines all the nappies in the kit, how they work and expands on the information provided on the swing tags on each nappy.

Why your organisation needs a Get Into Cloth Kit!

As more and more families are moving towards cloth nappy use, being able to include a well balanced view of nappies and the different kinds of nappy choices available is paramount.  Health professionals are finding more and more families looking to them for up to date information about cloth nappies and now expect this to be a standard part of their ante-natal education.  Our kits take the pressure off midwives and community health nurses by providing all the resources & information new families are looking for - freeing them up to be great at what they already do!

Local councils love our Get Into Cloth kits because all the work is done for them!  As councils start to see direct results in reducing the pressure on waste management systems, more focus is being placed on educating local families about the benefits of cloth nappies. For a small investment our kits take the hard work out of preparing a nappy information session or workshop.  Forget about contacting hundreds of retailers, chasing up donations, gathering nappies from your own resources, relying on local businesses to provide products.  We take away the obligation to promote individual businesses or products.  There's no need to spend countless hours trying to collate information and work out how everything fits together through online research.  No working out how you will present the information.  It's all done for you in an easy to use, easy to present,  highly professional and non-branded package.  If you can convert just one person to using cloth at an information session your investment in a Get Into Cloth kit has well and truly paid for itself in saved waste management fees.

We'll work with you!

Our members are passionate cloth nappy advocates as well as suppliers, manufactures and retailers.  If there's an ANA member local to you, we will team them up with you, to come out and show you around the Get Into Cloth kit.  No cost.  No obligation.  If you need posters, brochures or your event promoted it's all part of the service.

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