Last year, Rachel won a nappy hose courtesy of Mix Plumbing, through a giveaway on the ANA blog. Here’s what she says about the new hose.

I don’t know how I got by before having the nappy hose installed. It is fantastic! My son is the master of the poosplosion. Wall to wall, back to front nappy filler which no liner could contain. Cleaning up his nappies was an unpleasant experience. Now it’s quick and simple with all the mess ending up in the toilet without the need for liners. The spray from the hose is powerful and blasts away the stickiest (and stinkiest) of messes easily.

The hose looks very professional and tucks away neatly under the toilet. It turns off securely so that little hands can’t spray water everywhere if they get a hold of it.

Mike was very professional and explained how to use the set-up.

My husband and I are very happy with the nappy hose. It really is a life changer! We would definitely recommend Mix Plumbing and their nappy hoses.