Here at the ANA, we have a few helpful resources we’re pretty proud of.

Workshop information packs

Our workshop information pack contains everything you need to know to successfully run your own workshop, demonstration or one-on-one cloth nappy session. It contains ideas for where to hold your workshop, how to advertise it, legal requirements, a checklist of what you’ll need, sample script and schedule PLUS consumer handouts.

All put together for you by cloth nappy professionals who have generously shared their own expertise and vast experience to create a resource that we know you’ll love.

Cloth in childcare ambassador pack

Many parents wonder if they can send cloth nappies with their children in child care. Because many child care centres are reluctant to use cloth, the Cloth in Childcare Ambassador Pack has been designed to help you approach your childcare centre about using cloth. It’s yours free when you sign up for Cloth Matters, our fortnightly newsletter.

Washing fliers

With so much conflicting information out there, we knew that having a standard set of instructions would be helpful to a lot of parents! Our washing instructions flyers take the confusion out of caring for your cloth nappies. This flyer tells you the five simple steps to wash your nappies, and gives you some tips on wash additives and how to get the best out of your nappies.

Get Into Cloth kits

In response to requests from Health Professionals, Councils and community groups around Australia, the Australian Nappy Association has developed their Get Into Cloth kit, cloth nappy advocacy kits.

Specifically designed as a practical and easy way to promote cloth nappy use, the products and information provided in our Get Into Cloth kit demystifies cloth nappy use and provides an expansive range of different types and sizes of traditional and modern cloth nappies.  If you want to effectively and easily demonstrate the many benefits and features of cloth nappies; this kit is for you!

Cloth nappy dictionary

Liners? Boosters? AIO or pocket? If these are terms that confuse you, rest assured we’ve got it covered. Our three-part cloth nappy dictionary covers all the commonly used terms.

The Ultimate Cloth Nappy Dictionary – Part 1: Common Terms

The Ultimate Cloth Nappy Dictionary – Part 2: Fabrics

The Ultimate Cloth Nappy Dictionary – Part 3: Accessories

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