What Our Members Say

The ANA is a more than just a group for cloth nappy business owners, it’s an entire network of support.

From business related questions to support on a personal level, ANA members are there to help out. No matter what my question has been, there’s been someone to chat with and find an answer.

If you are in the reusable cloth nappy arena, joining the ANA will be one of the best business decisions you make.

Larissa Genat

Owner, Baby Mumma

The ANA has been a wonderful support of like minded business owners all striving for the one main goal of making cloth mainstream. It has been one of the best business decisions I made joining and glad I decided to from the very beginning. Even prior to owning a cloth business they have been very helpful in many topics surrounding cloth nappy use and board members were always happy to answer any enquires.
Samantha Spano

Owner, Mumma Loves Bubba

I love being part of the ANA community to feel supported and challenged in the best possible way. It clarifies my thoughts on nappy related issues and keeps me up to date with Trends and hot topics in our industry. It is a place to feel inspired and plugged in to a network when I am working from home alone. The ANA has promoted my business and created new supplier and customer opportunities that I had not expected. I also love saying I am an ANA member to our workshop participants as we feel endorsed by a reputable organisation.

Jannine Barron

Owner and Creator, Nature's Child

I see the ANA as a collaborative group of credible cloth nappy advocates. Predominantly made up of retailers or manufacturers, there are also industry supporters, like me. Although they are technically market competitors, this group is rich with support. Support for cloth nappy parents and the industry overall. The central aim is to raise the profile of cloth nappy use in Australia.

With a background in HR, retail training, leadership management, and foundations in training and development I also wear my eco blogger, mother-of-two hat. I offer a different perspective and gain valuable insights from a group of inspiring small business owners. There is an inherent group respect and each discussion leads with positive intent. The group is dependent on an openness to share experiences in order to collectively progress the cloth nappy industry standards.

I have value to offer the group and I gain a range of benefits. For me, the biggest benefit is watching a group of inspiring women shape the face of the cloth nappy industry.

Brooke Summerville

Founder, Eco Parents Australia

I LOVE the professional development as part of the ANA. As a relative newbie I get so much out of it. My favourite so far has been Salena Knight’s cashflow webinar which was perfect timing for my business.

Alice Grant

Owner, Nappy Lane

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