2019 Cloth Nappy Survey Results

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Welcome to the Australian Nappy Association’s inaugural Great Australian Cloth Nappy Survey!

As a current cloth nappying parent in Australia, we need YOU (and every other cloth nappy user you can share this survey with!) to answer 25 multiple choice questions to give us an up to date snapshot of cloth nappying in Australia today. It’s completely anonymous and really quick and easy!

Great Australian Cloth Nappy Survey

At the Australian Nappy Association we’re about providing resources and information that will make it easier for parents to choose and use reusable nappies. We also work with governments and health and parenting organisations so they can support parents and encourage cloth nappy use as well. As such, data collected in this survey can help us develop resources that will be of most benefit and demonstrate that reusable nappies are being used by a significant number of parents.

It’s really important that we get as many responses to the Great Australian Cloth Nappy Survey as possible, so we’re depending on you to share this survey with your friends, and in your online communities. We really appreciate your help in spreading this survey to as many cloth nappying parents as possible. Here’s the direct link: https://australiannappyassoc.typeform.com/to/iVR5pV

By completing the survey, you can also be in with a chance to win $100 in Paypal cash! Yes, one very lucky person who completes the survey will win $100 in Paypal cash!

The survey is open 1 to 14 May 2019, so please start sharing!

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