Sure there are many great reasons for using cloth nappies, but there is one surprising reason you may not have thought of. The way it makes you feel. Seriously, there is just something about changing your baby into a glorious cloth nappy that really does make you feel good. Every. Single. Time. We asked our customers how using modern cloth nappies made them feel & this is just some of what they had to say.

My first bub is 9 weeks old. Initially I thought we were crazy attempting cloth from birth, but now it just feels completely normal. I love choosing him a different print at each nappy change and love the feeling of satisfaction when I realise how many nappies we’re saving from landfill. Also that excited feeling when one of your favourite brands releases a gorgeous new print which you totally have to have!!! You don’t get that feeling from disposables!!” Katrina C.

It makes me feel empowered. Empowered that I’m making a positive change, a change that impacts the environment especially when you consider the fact I have twins so it’s double everything!” Teegan W.

We have just started with MCNs on our 9 week old and each time I reach for cloth V disposable I feel like even though I know there is more work to follow with washing, it will feel better on bin day when it’s not filled! She looks pretty sweet in all the fun patterns too!” Alexandra T.

I feel happy. Happy that I’m saving money, happy that I’m reducing my use of single use plastics, happy that I still have room in my bin on bin day, happy that I’ll enjoy doing that load of washing (I love the look of my clothesline full of nappies) And happy that there’s no nasties against my babies beautiful skin.” Amanda S.

I feel proud of myself for managing to stick with cloth the whole time, even at childcare. I never thought I would manage even a week of cloth and I have done it for 2 years full time, now it feels like second nature and it’s so much easier than I ever expected.” Paula J.

As a Nana I love putting my granddaughter in her cloth nappies, and I am proud of my daughter for making that decision and sticking to it. And I feel jealous because they are so much nicer than anything I had to use on my own bubbas years ago” Alison W.

Clearly the world is taking notice about #waronwaste & we are changing the way we use & reuse every day products. Start with small changes in the parts of your life that make the most impact. According to Choice Magazine one average baby will use over 6,000 disposable nappies by the time they are out of nappies. That is a lot of stinky nappies sitting around for 500 years!

We have been at the forefront of this industry for almost 15 years making premium products that last. We use nothing but the best materials for you & your baby. This experience means we know how to help you to start. It’s really simple. Start small & make it easy. Start with one modern cloth nappy, or a swim nappy and see how easy it is, then build from there if you want to. Not sure where to start? We have made it easy. Here are our top 3 best sellers for parents new to cloth nappies and a great place to begin.

The Easiest Option: All-In-One Nappy.

Just a washable version of a disposable. Elastics around the legs & waist to keep explosions contained, Velcro at the front & beautifully soft bamboo/organic cotton for absorption. Easy & SO simple. The hardest part is picking your favourite colour SHOP HERE

Something for every baby: Reusable One-Size Swim Nappy

Yes that’s right. The one swim nappy grows with your baby & will fit from 4kg to 18kg. Just adjust the buttons on the front to make it longer. Swim, Wash, Swim, Wash .. then use on your next baby. Seriously simple & will save you plenty of cash. SHOP HERE

Try the different styles. New Mums to Cloth Trial Pack SPECIAL OFFER!

Purchase our best selling “New Mums to Cloth Trial Pack” and for a Limited time receive 2 pairs of our reusable nursing pads for FREE!


Start small, keep it simple and you will love making a small difference every nappy change. Get those endorphins pumping, put a smile on your face and watch those little cloth bottoms run free! Make sure you follow us on our social media for our famous sales & giveaways! @babybeehinds

Written by Leanne Tubby, Owner of Baby BeeHinds

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