Keen to make the switch to Modern Cloth Nappies, but confused by all the different styles, lingo, choices? Want something as easy as a disposable nappy but better on the planet & your pocket? The team from Baby BeeHinds has been making premium quality, reusable nappies for over 15 years and have perfected the best introductory nappy: The Magicall All-In-One. A truely magical way to start your cloth journey.

Why so magical?

  • Velcro Waist closure gives you the perfect fit around the waist on your growing baby. Every. Single. Time.
  • We use a buttery soft Bamboo/Organic Cotton Fleece material for absorbency. No nasty chemicals or plastic in these nappies, just 6 layers of ultra absorbent bamboo fleece
  • Water-resistant outer layer of beautiful PUL fabrics keep clothes & bedding dry. Soft to touch, but dependable every nappy change, these premium fabrics will last for years and are bullet proof.
  • Each nappy includes an extra bamboo booster – simply fold in half and add to the wet zone area for extra long nappy changes.
  • Pick your size: Newborn, Small, Medium, Large. Simple
  • Wide back waist & leg elastics to keep ‘everything’ contained. No code brown situations in these nappies!

How do you use them?

Quite simply, the same as a disposable nappy except you wash them & reuse. Once your nappies are washed & ready to use, simply lay baby down on the change table, open the velcro tabs and position the nappy underneath your baby. Pull the front of the nappy up between the legs & secure the velcro waist tabs. Done. Simple as that.

Then when its time to change the nappy, simply remove the soiled nappy and change into a new nappy. Washing these nappies is as simple as removing any solids, pop into your machine (a quick pre-rinse is usually the go) and wash on a long, warm cycle with good detergent. No soaking, no bleaching like in generations before. There are lots of amazing cloth nappy resources to help perfect your wash routine and there is different approaches depending on if you’re using cloth nappies part time or full time, but it really is as simple as above. Pre-rinse (not essential). Good detergent. Warm, long wash cycle. Line dry.

Starting Out … What to buy.

It doesn’t matter what you buy, how many or what colours. The point is just start. Start with one or 8, it doesn’t matter just start. The planet will thank you. Your baby will thank you & surprisingly you do get a warm & fuzzy feeling when you put a reusable nappy on your baby. There is just something about the softness of the bamboo, the cute pop of colour and how those little legs look in a Modern Cloth Nappy that really does make you feel good.

Until 31st July, you can grab 15% off these Magicall All-In-Ones. Simply enter the code “ANA19”. Shop Here:

Baby BeeHinds is proudly Australian owned and been established for over 15 years and offers a full range of Nappy Styles from On-Size, Fitted Nappies, Night Nappies, Swim Nappies plus a huge range of accessories. or check out their YouTube Channel for a great range of videos on the different options available.

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