Top 10 Cloth Nappy Know-How Blog Posts from the Australian Nappy Association

Cloth Nappy Speak

When you’re first starting out, cloth nappies can be a bit confusing, what with all the acronyms and hyphenated descriptors! Here is a comprehensive 3-part cloth nappy dictionary that will help clear some of the fog for you.

Part 1 – common terms used in cloth nappying

Part 2 – types of fabrics commonly used for cloth nappies

Part 3 –cloth nappy accessories


Cloth Nappy Care 101

When it comes to cloth nappy care, there are the need-to-knows… the 5 step simple routine that will keep you out of trouble and your nappies doing the job. But there are also some nice-to-knows… things that add that bit of extra information that shed light on the need-to-knows and that help everything make sense.

This blog post takes you through the ANAs 5 step routine and explains why these steps are considered important.



The Final Frontier

In this blog post, industry leader and ANA founding member, Elizabeth Guthrie takes us through her experiences with night nappying.



Leaks Causing You Grief?

This blog post covers the three main causes of leaking nappies, and empowers you to prevent or fix these problems.



Wet Weather Wisdom

Don’t let the weather dampen your enthusiasm for cloth! This blog post provides a wet weather action plan that will have you nappying every day of the year.



Nappy Rash Prevention

If nappy rash is causing you grief or you’re just keen to prevent it, this blog post will arm you with the 4 key steps towards nappy rash prevention and reduction.



Stain Survival Guide

This blog post provides a possible explanation and some reassurance if you have a stain that just won’t come out!



The Vaccination Question

Wondering if you can use cloth nappies during periods following immunization? Check this out.

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