Top Tips for traveling with Cloth Nappies

This guest blog post is brought to you by Cassandra Liplyn from Mitch ’n’Moo. Since 2012, Mitch’n’Moo has been providing parents with cost effective alternatives to disposable nappies. The product range is carefully selected to cover all your needs from birth to potty and beyond.

When I first start using cloth nappies I was with the opinion that it was all too hard to keep doing cloth when we travelled. When we when somewhere over night or even 2 nights that was ok, as I could wash when I got home, but anything more than that we would buy disposables.

With our 2nd baby things were different. We now used cloth full-time from birth, cloth wipes, liners etc. When we had an unexpected long stay with in-laws due to the October Bushfires when Alex was a newborn, it put us in to accidental cloth use while away situation. I had enough nappies for a 1 night stay which turned in to multiple nights, I simply had a choice: buy washing powder and wash every day, or buy disposables. The choice was easy. Over the next 18 months, I never worried about what to do with travel. I just always packed enough to wash and dry every day and snap lock bags with individual cups of washing powder.

Our next challenge came at the beginning of the year after we sold our home and made the choice to pack everything in storage while we travelled for an undecided length of time. The bulk of my nappy stash and supplies (including by accident my back up bag of extras like prefolds and liners) were packed in the shipping container, and we headed on our way with a mix of 10 nappies, 2 covers, 1 fitted, 6 terry squares and a few extra boosters along with the small ½ roll of biodegradable liners and whatever wipes and fleece liners I had in the baby bag. With a 15 month old baby who uses anywhere from 6 to 8 nappies in a 24 hrs, we should be ok washing every day. The nappies I chose to take with us were all selected for either the dry ability, long lasting absorbency (many long drives between accommodation), and those that I knew would stand up to the rough care they were going to get. (so no favourites, pretties, or ones I would be heartbroken if they got damaged) For nights, I had extra Mitch’n’Moo WorkerBee boosters to double boost, Pop-In night boosters which converted my Pop-Ins from day to night without needing more nappies, a night fitted, and I would use a terry square with a prefold (the one that didn’t get packed) trifolded as the booster and a cover. For days I had Mitch’n’Moo Originals, Workerbees, some handmade pockets with Seedling Baby boosters, and the Close Parent Pop-Ins.

We travelled for 3 months staying in hotels, motels and with family and drove all over NSW. Most of the time only staying a night or 2 in any place. How did we manage cloth during this you may say….

You get creative!




I washed in basins and bathtubs when I didn’t have access to a washing machine and visited many laundromats along the way. When we left Springwood, I packed my box of laundry powder in an airtight secure tub so I was never without the washing power we used.

We dried any way we could, Many times the inserts (not shells), liners, and wipes were put through the drier to get mostly dry, our shells and covers were hung throughout the rooms, hanging of any cupboard door, chair, hotel dry line (the string in the bathroom) shower screens, you name it we used it.

What about the sun and the stains….

In the mornings as we packed our car for the next leg, we would put a towel over the luggage and then all inserts and covers needing drying were placed to get the sun through the windows as we drove  (Multitasking lol) When we stopped for fuel or to stretch our legs, I would rotate them so they all got the sun and dried.







It became easy in no time and almost habit. As soon as we checked in, I found where the laundry was and what time it closed, and I would run a load from the last 24 hours. When we stayed with family, I would give the nappies a little extra care – a warm/hot rinse and hang on the line to dry. By the end of the 3 months, we only had 1 nappy lose its elastic around the legs, and I lost 1 mini booster (I left it in a Bathurst laundromat).

When we looked back, we saved so much additional money and landfill for what was really less than an hour out of my time (I was washing our clothes anyway so we just made sure we always had a full load.)

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