Twins in Cloth: Tips for Choosing and Using Reusable Nappies with Multiple Babies


A guide to the acronyms used in this blog post:

OSFM – one-size-fits-most  |  MCN – modern cloth nappy


Have you ever wondered how on earth parents manage to use cloth nappies with twins, triplets, quads… more?? We asked some twin mummas for their best tips on using cloth and they had some great ideas to share. If you use cloth nappies with your multiples, either full time, part time or just occasionally, we’d love to hear from you about what worked and what didn’t. Pop over to our Facebook page and share your story.

Oh and if you’re after some inspiration, the Weaver family has some for you!


 “I have 12 month old twins and didn’t start using cloth till they were about 3 months. I started with 20 cheap nappies and a vague idea of how to wash them. It’s cost effective and really doesn’t increase workload from one child.

Caitlyn Trott 


“I have 2 month old twins, and a 20 month old. We used cloth from birth with our eldest, and have been using cloth nappies on our twins since they came home. We used a mix of newborn nappies, and are now starting to use OSFM on the larger twin. We have been washing daily, and have found we need a lot of nappies! We go through 15-20 per day for the twins). Prefolds are working best here, and also dry fast, so you don’t need as many. My boys were 2.5 and 3 kg when they came home, and are now 4.6 and 4 kg.

We also did elimination communication (or infant potty training) with our first and are trying it with our twins too. Essentially, just holding them over a sink/toilet after feeds and when they look like they are trying to poop. Saves on nappies and washing if it goes straight down the drain.

OSFM really only start to fit at 4 or even 4.5 kg. You can purchase newborn sized MCNs, but they are often expensive and aren’t useful for long. Another option would be to get newborn nappies second hand, or use flats and a cover. The old style terry toweling flat nappies can be folded to fit any shape and are also good for containing newborn poops.

Cathy Q Wu

“We did cloth with twins from about 3 months, as that’s when their OSFM fitted. Looking back now I wish I had bought newborn size for those first 3 months as we spent a small fortune on preemie size nappies at $1 each!

Shannon Rowan



“I had my twins first and wanted to cloth but found them all much too bulky for their tiny little bottoms and as they were heavy wetters at night, the amount of boosting I needed meant their legs were pointing up in the air, so essentially they were upside down. I’m now doing cloth and finding the bamboo prefolds the trimmest (flattest) night boosting. I would definitely recommend trim nappies as I couldn’t figure it out back then and became disenchanted untiI my fifth and sixth baby.”

Tam Emd



“My babies were 7 weeks premature. They didn’t fit into OSFM until they were 3.5 months old or 7 weeks adjusted. A lot of twins are born small compared to singleton babies. I would recommend getting some prefolds and covers for those first few weeks or if you prefer get some small or newborn size MCNs. I have 32 nappies for twins, washing every day.

Most twin mums I’ve spoken too agree that mornings are a wipeout especially when you have other children as well. Getting everyone up, changed and fed is a huge task. So if you have to wash and hang out nappies it often doesn’t get done until later in the day. Everything dries pretty quickly in the warmer months, but in winter it’s not good enough. So I think its best to wash and hang out at nighttime. Those portable clotheshorses are awesome. You can hang them straight from the machine and then all you have to do the next morning is pop it outside. Believe me, not having to rush to peg nappies out first thing in the morning makes a huge difference. The clotheshorse is great too because you can move it around so that it’s in the sun all day and quickly move it under cover if the weather turns bad.

A lot of twins come premature. Prem babies are more prone to sensitive skin. If you can use cloth nappies and wipes right from the start, their precious skin never gets exposed to those nasty chemicals and has a much better chance of staying problem free. I used disposables for the first few months and it wrecked my girls’ skin. If I could go back, I’d do cloth right from the get go.”

Melissa Kinnaird

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