How can the ANA help me grow my business?

The Australian Nappy Association is a collective of reusable nappy industry members, working together to significantly grow cloth nappy usage.

It does this by providing support and education to members of the cloth nappy industry so that the industry as a whole can work more effectively towards growing cloth nappy use in Australia.

The ANA fosters strong relationships between businesses within the cloth nappy industry, creating an environment that encourages new opportunities for working collaboratively.

It is run by volunteers who collaborate to improve the industry as a whole, with significant positive side effects that contribute to growth and promotion in their own nappy businesses.

The communication hub for membership support and group planning is the Facebook Member’s Lounge. In this group, the ANA provides an online community forum for industry and supporter members, a safe and supportive environment for personal and business growth. The majority of members work alone and from home, so the ANA is an inspiring way to feel a part of a bigger industry which in turns inspires the personal and business growth for members.

In addition, the ANA organises regular professional development webinars for its members and strives to provide the highest level of support, resources and education.

While the ANA has some big goals to still to be achieved in coming years, here are some of the immediate benefits that current members are enjoying through projects that have been developed over the past 2 years:

  • Creation of a Cloth in Childcare Ambassador Pack: developed by early childhood professionals and mothers who’ve worked closely with their centres to create positive outcomes for cloth use, this Pack is designed to give parents everything they need to approach their childcare centre about using cloth.
  • Consumer outreach through Cloth Matters, a fortnightly newsletter aimed at educating and supporting the Australian family’s journey into cloth.
  • Consumer and industry education through our fortnightly blog installments, providing up-to-date, relevant and useful information for both parents and suppliers alike.
  • Creation of the Get Into Cloth nappy advocacy kits: designed as a practical and easy way to promote cloth nappy use, the products and information provided in our Get Into Cloth kits demystifies cloth nappy use and provide an expansive range of different types and sizes of traditional and modern cloth nappies. Ideal for health professionals, councils and community groups.
  • Development of the Workshop Information Pack, a downloadable pack containing everything you need to know to successfully run your own workshop, demonstration or one-on-one cloth nappy session. It contains ideas for where to hold your workshop, how to advertise it, legal requirements, a checklist of what you’ll need, sample script and schedule PLUS consumer handouts. Free with Industry and Supporter membership or with a Get Into Cloth Kit.
  • Running of the highly successful annual Cloth Shot a Day campaign, which engages hundreds of parents who share thousands of reusable nappy photos across a variety of social media platforms throughout October each year.Jannine Barron speaks about why she loves the ANA

What’s the financial commitment and is it worth it?

Industry Membership benefits include:

  • Use of the ANA Accredited badge on your website so that your customers know you follow industry standards and are a professional member
  • Regular promotion of your own business with unlimited opportunities to write blogs and content for our industry newsletter that currently reaches over a thousand members of the public. This newsletter directly links every fortnight to all member business and your own if you write on the blog. There are no limitations on offering.
  • Exclusive Access to Professional Networking Opportunities
  • Priority Access to the ANA online community, online resources and Networking Directory
  • Free listing in Membership Directory, featuring your logo, business name and up to three social media links. You can create your unique business identity to help grow your brand
  • Access to co-operative advertising, marketing and group buying opportunities along with discounts on industry related events.
  • Full voting rights
  • Ability to join a working group, become a mentor, serve on the board of directors, organise events or speak with the media
  • Submit blog content/feature articles to grow your business profile
  • Benefit from the Association’s relationships with government and healthcare professionals
  • Access to the ANA’s information and accreditation tools, to help understand relevant Australian standards and legal and business requirements
  • Reduced advertising rates on any Association media sites
  • Reduced fees for nominating in the annual Cloth Nappy Awards
  • Access to and use of the Association’s expo resources
  • Access to the Association’s information kits

Industry Membership is $500 per year


Supporter Membership benefits include:

  • Use of the ANA Supporter badge on your website
  • Network with professionals in the reusable nappy industry
  • Further your business education, and have access to information and accreditation tools
  • Access to downloadable resources and guides to help you grow your business
  • Receive a copy of the ANA industry newsletter and can attend ANA Annual General meetings, but are not entitled to vote
  • Reduced fees for nominating in the annual Cloth Nappy Awards

Supporter Membership is $150 per year


Friend of the ANA Membership benefits include:

  • Anyone who supports cloth nappy use can become a friend of the ANA
  • Friends receive a copy of the ANA newsletter and can attend ANA Annual General meetings, but are not entitled to vote
  • Workshop demonstration kit valued at $29

Friend Membership is $50 per year


For further information about how to become a member and to find out which category is the best fit for you, CLICK HERE.

Alice Grant speaks about why she loves the ANA

What does the ANA actually do all day?

The ANA is not a group of people who have heaps of money and time to make things happen. The reality is that members are very busy business owners and (in most cases) parents, and members voluntarily contribute from their limited time to the ANA, because they believe the ANA can make a huge difference in the cloth nappy industry.

On any given day there can be a member writing some blog posts, a committee working collaboratively on a project like ‘Cloth in Childcare’ kits, a couple of members packing Get Into Cloth kits to send off to a maternity hospital, and another member liaising with a local council about workshops. Then there are the members who maintain the website, manage the social media, contribute to the newsletter and respond to emails. Some members do work for the ANA every day, some commit to a couple of hours a week. And sometimes there’s a big event, like the upcoming Cloth Nappy Awards, which means all hands on deck!

Brooke Summerville speaks about why she loves the ANA

What can I do for the ANA?

Great question! As a not-for-profit organisation working towards markedly increasing reusable nappy use in Australia by supporting and educating key members of the cloth nappy industry and potential users, the ANA needs you!

It needs passionate, committed and energetic business owners and supporting members who are excited by the prospect of creating positive change for Australian families and who are committed to working as part of a team with other industry leaders, to create the change they want to see in the world.

If that sounds like you and you know you could benefit from all that the ANA has to offer, CLICK HERE.